About Me


My background

My name is Cheryl Elam, I am a Phoenix native, a Registered Nurse, and founder of 'Restore Your Health Naturally'.  I suffered  from chronic illness and autoimmune disease most of my life.  I had severe pain, weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath and needed multiple joint surgeries.  The majority of doctors I saw just treated my symptoms with medications, most of which did little to improve my condition, some in fact made things worse.  Thankfully, I've always been interested in science, health and research, and have had an unrelenting determination to restore my health naturally.


How I got started

I have always been very active and health conscious.  I was an open racquet ball player,  distance runner, avid hiker and aerobics instructor.  I never drank, smoked or used recreational drugs and I ate healthy (so I thought).  So why was I so sick?  I just thought is was genetic and that I was stuck with it.  So, I had accepted it as my lot in life and just kept plugging along.  Until one day, I decided I wasn't going to live the rest of my life feeling this way.  I needed to figure out how to restore my health naturally, and that's just what I did!


My approach

I truly believe that the body can heal itself!  It gives us signs that tell us when something is wrong or out of balance.  By paying attention to these signals, and correcting the imbalance, our body is then able to restore itself to optimal health naturally.  I've been able to achieve this for myself and many others using all natural detoxing and hyper-nourishing foods and supplements.  I now am virtually pain free, full of energy, have clarity of thought and am off all of my medications.  I have my health back!  I wrote a book and developed a program to help others who are suffering, so they can do the same!