This program takes place over an eight week period.  It is designed this way because it takes time to detoxify the body and provide it with super foods and nutrients so it can restore itself back to health naturally.

Most people will start feeling some improvement in their health, quite early in the program.  For other, it may take several months.  Just be patient, stick with it, and allow your body the chance to rebalance, restore and revive, and soon you'll be amazed at how well you are feeling!

This is not a quick fix or a magic pill, that will instantly make you better.  It is going to take commitment and discipline if you want to restore your health!



Each week of the course, a new, very important topic will be taught, that relates to our current chronic illness and autoimmune epidemic.  

The education provided will help you understand some of the environmental agents associated with your illness.  It will give you a better understanding of just what these various agents are doing to you inside, and why they are causing you to be so sick. 

It will also help you to see why the steps we take throughout the program are absolutely necessary in order to achieve the result of restoring your health naturally!



Throughout the course you will be instructed on how and when to add the next step that is essential to restoring your health naturally.

Certain foods will be added, while others will be avoided.  Multiple detoxifying methods will be used, as well as several super foods and supplements.  They all have a role to play in restoring your body from it's current state of illness back to a state of health.

You will find that you have more energy, less pain and much clearer thinking, ultimately giving you a better quality of life!  You may even be able to get off some of your medications, with your doctor's approval, of course!

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Why Do This Program?

Additional Information


This program is for people who are serious about getting better and improving their health! It is specifically designed to help those who are suffering with chronic illness to improve their health and quality of life. It is great for preventing chronic illness from occurring too! 

This is not a magic pill, that will instantly make you feel better! It is going to take commitment and work on your part in order to see results. However, if you stick to it and do the various detoxes and make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle, you will see significant improvement in your health and quality of life!

Many of you have probably tried avoiding gluten, tried juicing, or tried one detox or another, without seeing any significant results. The problem is those things only address one system or part of the body. Chronic illness effects the entire body. Therefore, it needs a multi-system approach to heal it. This program is aimed at correcting the root causes of chronic illness and the imbalances in the body that are causing them! 

Each class in packed with vital information that explains how and why you got so sick, what’s going on in the body, and most importantly, what you need to do to correct it! It is important that you watch each class and keep up with the recommended detoxes and dietary changes each week. If you try to do it all at once and detox too fast, you will feel sick.


What you Will Need


You will need to invest a NutriBullet RX or a Vitamix juicer, and will be asked to buy organic foods and several supplements that are essential to correcting the imbalances and detoxing the body. Many of the supplements will be short term.  I will teach you which foods to eat instead. A few of them will become a regular part of your daily routine to help maintain your health.

This is an investment in you! In your health! In your future! If you are sick, you can’t work, have a ton of medical bills, and may become a burden to your family!  You don’t have the energy to enjoy things you like to do and feel miserable all the time! Trust me, I’ve been there! Buying some organic food and a few supplements is a small price to pay to be healthy again!

As you will see in Week 1 of the program, I was very sick myself for many years. I got tired of living with severe pain, weakness and shortness of breath, so I started doing tons of research, determined to get myself well. Once I started addressing the underlying causes of my chronic illness (instead of just the symptoms), I got better in about 4 months.

Typical results from people who have done my program include, being able to stop or decrease the following: Blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, high cholesterol medication, pain medication, anti-inflammatory medication, steroids and biologic medications. Plus, they noted a great boost in energy, improved mood, weight loss, clarity of thought. One person had stage 4 kidney disease, and her lab values have now returned to normal. Another had high liver enzymes, and after doing the program, his numbers are back within normal range.

The body is totally capable of healing itself, but we need to get the toxins out and provide it with the necessary nutrients for it to do so! This program is designed to do just that! RESTORE YOUR HEALTH NATURALLY!!!

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Program Love

Walter, LA, California

Cheryl is very knowledgeable and an example of how to heal yourself naturally.  We've been following her program and she has helped me heal from my liver enzyme issues I was having at the time.  Also, I found myself having more energy.  Her guidance has given my wife and I the knowledge to heal our body naturally.  Her story of healing herself from a long list of ailments and illnesses in her past have been very inspirational to us in making sure we keep up with our health and well being and make it a part of our lifestyle.  We are grateful for this valuable knowledge and information

Jackie Conatser

When I was introduced to Cheryl's health plan I was desperately looking for help to end or subdue daily 24 hour pain from an arthritic body & nightly neuropathy pain. I am talking about stabbing, burning pain. Because of all my medical problems I can not take pain medication. I followed the plan as closely as I could & within days my life changed. My daily pain has subsided & my lungs improved. This is the first winter I can remember I had no asthma problems, there's no daily or nightly pain. My biggest complaint was doing without my cheese. I found coconut milk in cheese form & I like it even better than what I thought I could not live without. Most grocery stores are selling more & more products that are better for you. I did a lot of asking the store helpers to help me search for products. This health plan gave me the direction I needed to get my life back. I did not fight the instructions Cheryl gave us because I had heard most of the information over the years but she taught me how to implement a plan putting it all together so that it works. I also lost 15 pounds during the process. My team of doctors want a copy of her book when it's published. They are very happy with my results. 

Chris McFarlin

My husband and I did Cheryl's program for 3 months following all her guidelines. It took dedication, but is was most definitely worth it!  Cheryl coached us through it all.  There are a lot of recipes out there if you spend the time to look.  It makes it easier with some variety. It's a lifestyle.....You have to want to be healthier and you will notice the difference guaranteed! You won't want the same things you use to eat. Even when the 3 months was over, we maintained a healthier eating habits. We both lost over 30 pounds and reduced our medications.  I had stage 3 kidney failure and now my kidneys are normal!!!  My husband has diabetes, and he reduced his medications significantly! We feel more vibrant and are able to get around much better than before we did it.  If we could do it during the holidays when there is so much temptation, anyone can do it!  Thank you Cheryl for showing us how to be healthier and feel better!



The content of this book and program are based on my condition, my experience, and the research I did to get better. It is what worked for me. It is not intended to be taken as medical advice. I am not a doctor! Please consult your doctor before starting any health or exercise program, or before decreasing or stopping any medications. The lifestyle changes that are mentioned in this program are healthy for most people, but may not be appropriate for people with certain conditions or on certain medications.